Saturday, 30 March 2013

About Bangles


Bangles are ornaments worn mainly by women on their arms and wrists. They are usually circular in shape but unlike bracelets, are not flexible. In India, the custom of wearing bangles by women is centuries old and the tradition is still going strong. Modern age women love to spruce up their outfit with flashy and ornate bangles.

Depending upon her community, her marital status and occasion a woman could wear a single piece of ornament, or cover the entire upper arm, from the elbow to the shoulder, with armlets made up of a variety of materials including gold, silver, ivory or shellac.


Regardless of what anyone says, the entire world loves muffins, and they have done so for hundreds of years already. So it's hardly surprising that I'm so eager to share my favorite cranberry muffin recipe with all muffin lovers.

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